Henk Bakker

poetry international performance and radioplay with Andrej Sen-Senkov

with Andrej Sen-Senkov, Henk Bakker, Dennis Verschoor, Lukas Simonis

“Judith Scott touched her genes with her own hands” by X Static Tics, Dennis Verschoor and Andrej Sen Senkov. The Radio Play evolved from a live performance at Poetry International 2016, where Russian poet Sen Senkov contributed the “Judith Scott..” poem. Sen Senkov can be heard reciting , the X Static Tics inciting, and Dennis (Noodlebar) Verschoor playing his modular analog synths.

Label: WORM.records / K7-9

Artist: WORM Horspil

Medium: Music Cassette

Category: Records & Tapes.

Tags: Radio Art, Tapes.

We have released this and other of our radioplays on cassette buy them here! http://underbelly.nu/?post_type=product&s=horspil

The X-static Tics, Touring with the Gazers….

Lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker also known as the X-tatic Tics and more recently as Dr Klangendum live and work in Rotterdam. They are producers and performers of radioplays and of stage performances in colaboration with many poets from all over the globe. They also produced a long string of radiodocumentaries such as the Perverse Animals- a series of coloured documentaries covering cities and art scenes in Dublin and Tblisi. They also collaborators in the Radia Network. They are now on tour with their latest production The Gazers (the end is near).

Theatre Works with director Carina Molier

Between 1997 and 2006 in collaboration with director Carina Molier realised several multimedia dynamic theatre installations/plays, by means of compositions, and interactive soundscapes (performed live)

Chelsea Girl 1997), met oa Juda Goslinga, Katenka Woudenberg
Zuid Zuid West (1999)
Big Boy (1999) (NesTheaters)
Ruigoord De Geboorte (2000) en Ruigoord II (2001)- (Toneelgroep Amsterdam), met o.a Joop Admiraal en GJ Reijnders
Queen and King (2002) (Paradiso/Melkweg Prod.) met Lotte Proot
Huis van de Toekomst (2006) (Toneelgroep Amsterdam) met Halina Reijn


My Long Distance Friend – C. Molier (2011)

Film : The Sound We See – Xtatic Tics Feat Nina Hitz (2012)



Een radiofonische Geluidswandeling in twee delen door Charleroi; Als stad met een historie. Als stad als concept en stad als decor voor een gedachte experiment.

Deel 1 werd uitgezonden op 13 december, middernacht, bij de Concertzender (Dr 1)

Deel 2 werd uitgezonden op 20 december, middernacht, bij de Concertzender (Dr 2)

Interviews en geluidscollages door Lg Simonis en H Bakker.

Muziek door; Jean D.L. en Sandrine Verstraete, Kosmose, Bene Gesserit, Pseudocode, Human Flesh.

Dank; Le Vecteur, Nico, Jean, Sandrine, Alain, Nadine.

Tekst: Simonis, Bakker en WORM


subterranean is a project jelmer cnossen and i started out for the resort off’s instant music series, brombron, 2005. Our mission was to explore sounds and soundlayers generated by drums and bassclarinet, and processed thru a lot of soft and hardware tools. The end result was that the emphasis was more on soundlayers and brusque editing, than on compositional structure. That was something we hoped to work out in the second phase, jet to come. Also the end result was refused by the editor (….) of the resort off series and therefor wouldnt be released on cd

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