track: How much time we have

Here are two recent digital releases by the X-static tics Psychopath shaman And Rarities X1a0613505932 2a0031113407 2



nice gig with nina, kaoru and mary at the bimhuis, with 4 dancers impro.(february 2013)


View at Bimhuis


Unpunished (Bodies Anonymous) A Dance and Music performance with Johnny Lloyd and Guilherme Miotto


January 2012: Release of the Subterraneanact CD Subterraneanact Z6 Records : Order Here

Click Here For Press Coverage On This Release


Here are a few tracks from the cd  (available at

SUBTERRANEANACT project: is malorix (rythms and abletonlive ) and me (bassclarinet and soundscapes)


STACKED FLOW was produced in 2009 and released on Ketacore Records   Industrieel Erfgoed 2009 Keta cdr 003  


was produced in 2008 and featured in our movie verrotterdam

check our music and movies at :

subterranean is a project jelmer cnossen and i started out for the resort off's instant music series, brombron, 2005. Our mission was to explore sounds and soundlayers generated by drums and bassclarinet, and processed thru a lot of soft and hardware tools. The end result was that the emphasis was more on soundlayers and brusque editing, than on compositional structure. That was something we hoped to work out in the second phase, jet to come. Also the end result was refused by the editor (....) of the resort off series and therefor wouldnt be released on cd


In 2012 we prepared a new radioplay with Saskia de Jong and Dr L Simonis for Poetry Int, called Geheimhouding van het Gepasseerde: een antitaling van het futuristisch manifest and we're doing a small tour with it end 2012/beginning 2013: click here for concert dat



July 2012

Dr Simonis and I Composed and performed music for The Sound We See, a movie project instigated by Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo




june 2011: a new radioplay performed at loos studios and poetry int. festival in june 2011: new york revolutionary plan, by yan yun and the xstatic tics Featering: Kaoru Iwamura – spinet & stem en Nina Hitz – cello & stem.

you can hear it here




New release: My Favourite Tics, by The Static Tics.  After ten years of their excistence we finally released our first album. On Z6 Records .




here are two tracks:

Just finished a new radioplay, (wich was broadcasted on radio 6 on May 1 2010 ) and its called De Hartmann Roede

April 2010 "its spring, springtime again" (sun ra).

Here's a track called Turn12, for Bass Clarinet, Sherman FB2 and Feedback Delay


May 2010: Lukas Simonis, Henk Bakker en Nina Hitz, Yuko Ues, with Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Created Garden Sensibilities.

Performed at Poetry Int.


You can listen to it here

September 2010

With LG Simonis made Ruunwoet: a fieldrecordisd radioplay, you can listen to here


projects in 2009 >>> ls1

December: Live Studio Project with Argentinian Group Los Siquicos Literalenos and Static Tics:


November 2010

Austrian tour with Static Tics and Live radioplay: The Flatworm. Go here for more details on that trip!>> READ

December 2010

Finished the score for the movie My Long Distance Friend By Carina Molier, due to be released in september 2011. read the synopsis here (also more info on several theatre productions i did with Carina)>> READ

Oktober: sounddesign for new TRASH Show: ZOFIA ( )

>>> the static tics here with steve beresford performed at former dutch royal shell house, amsterdam north,  in a new series curated by anne la berge , july 2009


The Static Tics with Steve Beresford febr.2008, maybe later this year on the " it doesnt fits if it aint got that ticks" tour with: Dr L Simonis and Dr S. Beresford

get the demo!

Blood Electric : Radioplay Composed in 2007( or listen here: PLAY!