SUBTERRANEANACT project: is malorix (rythms and abletonlive ) and me (bassclarinet and soundscapes)


STACKED FLOW was produced in 2009 and released on Ketacore Records   Industrieel Erfgoed 2009 Keta cdr 003  


was produced in 2008 and featured in our movie verrotterdam

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subterranean is a project jelmer cnossen and i started out for the resort off's instant music series, brombron, 2005. Our mission was to explore sounds and soundlayers generated by drums and bassclarinet, and processed thru a lot of soft and hardware tools. The end result was that the emphasis was more on soundlayers and brusque editing, than on compositional structure. That was something we hoped to work out in the second phase, jet to come. Also the end result was refused by the editor (....) of the resort off series and therefor wouldnt be released on cd