Bassclarinet concepts

conceptualism. conceptions. what.

in the past 10 years or so I worked with software that enabled me to go into the grains of the bass clarinet sound or rather my bass clarinet sound, and I work with samples and loops and triggers, but also software that harmonised and even melodised the input. I let it happen. It’s the environments I construct and I invite, the infinite machines, the ambient machines and the self machine and the bassclarinet machine.

I record and sample my bass clarinet in many ways to make a basscklarinett-machine to jam with and to control it with midi and construct self generating structures so I can sit and watch. Also I like to take my sound to other levels of abstraction and beauty. to enlarge the already violent & grotesk slaptongue and ripping multiphonics and start playing from there. There are a few spaces I publish my work and studies on a regular base, like on the YouTube channels (see current projects). On bandcamp I’m releasing material that I’ve more or less finished in the past two years.

I envy the cool and courageous who just lay it down, with a beautiful beat and simple melody and embrace and revive all that came before, hail to those.

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