H S Bakker

a musician operating & moving in electro-accoustic, improvised and chamber musics. & over the years has been involved in numerous musical activities (sound forms and concepts and products) in many styles and concepts, autonomous musics and applied forms for other arts. Big Love For Radio; Radioplays, Radiodocs. Freeform.

living in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Bass Clarinet, Alto and B-Flat Clarinet. And work with Software applications in PD, MAxMsp, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Superlooper, Ardour.
Hardware Devices I use to construct and develope soundscapes are currently: Mikro Modular, MachineDrum, Sherman Filterbank, Waldorf Q, Emu 4000 and 5000, Ensonic. Elektron Digitakt.


dutch improv , conservatory. // rotterdam, worm, klangendum. between 1997 and 2012 studio and radio producer & currently as part of Dr Klangendum w/ dr L Simonis

New Adventures in the Strange Twenties: Working with Ppooll, Digitakt and Digitakt 2 on new levels of sound with the Bass Clarinet digitized.


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