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max im loop, the ad libs in ppooll / /

a youtube channel where basscklarinett and electronic processes are central

in the past 10 years or so I worked with software that enabled me to go into the grains of the bass cklarinet sound or rather my bass cklarinet sound, together with samples and loops and triggers, but also software that harmonised and even melodised the input. I let it happen. It’s the environments I construct and I invite and develop, the infinite machines, the ambient machines and the self machine. and the basscklarinett machine. united with them. united with them. united with them

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bassclarinetculture / /

is a youtube channel where I started putting vids that would highlight specific techniques and sounds at first w/ technology but later more the accoustic part of the bass clarinet.

I studied the bass clarinet for 8 years in and around the conservatory w/ H Sparnaay.

bass clarinet concepts. conceptuals. conceptions. concept mouthpieces. what.

now when I am studying or practicing I zoom in on special or extended techniques, as a permanent starting point for my music making with the bass clarinet, after so many years of technical training and excersises, the scales & etudes etc, I find it time to abandon that and use my training to go to other layers of sound on the horn.

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