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Hendrik Simon Bakker: musician, composer, producer & organiser. living in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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I play Bass Clarinet, Alto and B-Flat Clarinet. And work with Software applications in PD, MAxMsp, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Superlooper, Ardour, Logic.
Hardware Devices I use to compose and develope soundscapes are currently: Mikro Modular, MachineDrum, Sherman Filterbank, Waldorf Q, Emu 4000 and 5000, Ensonic. ARP 2500, SERGE.

Currently I develope interactive and semi interactive software environments, along with pre made sample structures and soundscapes, wich enables me to build musical structures with certain amounts of predictable and unpredictable freedom of interaction with amplified Bass Clarinet mostly and in some cases a microfone.

Between 2000 and 2012 I am Producer of Radio Worm, Currently As Dr Klangendum in A weekly show for Concertzender.nl. Shows contain contempory music of all sorts and styles, regardless.


I have performed contemporary compositions for Bass Clarinet, with or without tape. At the moment i mostly study extended playing techniques and freeform improvisation, departing from the tone richness and complexity of the instrument into a deeper understanding of music and contemporary experiencing of linear, non linear and simultaneous forms of expression within the realms of sound and within the limits my possibilities.

I refuse to narrow down my musical options and or possibilities, nor do i like it when i meet cliche expectations concerning instrument or style (especially from within myself).

Besides being an instrumentalist and researcher I am engaged in making and producing (and performing live when possible) radioplays and docufictions for radio. In these forms places, people and words share time and space with literal and abstract forms of fieldrecordings and music. I find it a challenging and rewarding playing field, where the audiences are seduced but also expected to come further.

I compose and perform music for modern dance, film and installation art. (more info on my project page on my website) because of the universal connectivity between movement and sound, movement and image, image and sound, sound and sound i feel i cannot get enough diversity in my projects and encounters with other arttists, how brief they may be, it will enrich us ever more. I believe also as i have learned and practiced in my years as a theater composer and performer (within multimedia theater installations) that the way to be in modern performing art is addressing the lack of concentration on a global scale - that has to come from the artist and must be within a relentless simultaniousness in our artworks just as in live itself. Concentration means paradpoxically also tthat i am equally fascinated by simplicity and detail, and love repetitif behaviour of melodic and rythmic figures. But at the same moment someone else may play a typewriter, preach a sermon, eat a peach.


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General background and external links

I studied Bass Clarinet from 1987 till 1992 at the Conservatory in Utrecht with Harry Sparnaay- modern chamber music, did a course with elektronic pioneer/composer Ton Bruynel.
In the same period i did numerous jazz and improvised music workshops and projects with musicians as Paul van Kemenade, John Tchicai, Fred van Hove, Arthur Brooks and many more.

Between 1996 and 2013 I am also working as an allround team member with WORM, formely known as Dodorama, as a programmaker, webstation manager for rich media content, radiomaker, recording engineer and livestreamer, projectmanager of the analogue/cem studio and general organiser and reluctant attendee of many meetings.
In 2013 i form Klangendum with Dr.L Simonis. A platform especially for radioart, radioplays, all kinds of educational projects and studio residencies.

Below is a selection of the musical stuff i did and do or was involved in the past years. It concerns improvised music, modern chamber music, multi media theatre shows, modern dance, abstract film. Music styles are elektro-accoustic, digital, modern composed and improvised, pop, noise, avant rock, techno, soundscapes.

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RadioPlays in commision

- Grindpad Naar Las Palmas, cooperation with Simonis, Bakker, Fengler, Doorn, 3 hours Live RadioPlay, 2001, NOS.

- The Blind Owl Text; Sadegh Hedayat, Music,sounds; The Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2006, VPRO.

- 'This Is Not A Radioplay' By the X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2010, Radia Network.

- RUUNWOET by; Olivier Nijs, Tok Tek en The Static Tics (Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis), 2010, VPRO.

- 'Fatalistic Flatworm' By the X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2010, Radia Network, VPRO, ORF (live version).

- Gardensensibilities by Ursula Andkjar Olsen & X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2010, Poetry Int, VPRO.

- NewYork revolution Plan / NewYork Counterrevolution Plan by Yan Jun & X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2011, Poetry Int, VPRO.

- Geheimhouding Van Het Gepasseerde by Saskia De Jong, Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis, 2012, Poetry Int, VPRO

- 'X' by Michele Metail, X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker with Michelle Metail live), 2013, Poetry Int, Concrtzender


Radioplays compositions/Radiophonic Works

HEK: Blood Electric- Radioplay WORMHorspil #1 (2007)

HEK: Ghosts - Radioplay WORMHorspil #15 (2008)

HEK: De Hartman Roede - WORMHorspil #20 (2010)

Static Tics - Ruunwoet - WORMHorspil #24 (2010)

Static Tics - The Fatalistic Flatworm (perverse animals) - WORMHorspil #27 (2010)

Static Tics - This is not a radioplay (2011)

Static Tics – Boatshoes (2011)


Live Radioplays for Poetry International: To be released on cd in 2012/13
- Garden Sensibilties (2010) - Xstatic Tics feat.Ursula Andkjaer Olsen

- New York Revolution Plan/New York Counter Revolution Plan (2011) Xstatic Tics feat.Yan Yun

- Geheimhouding van het gepasseerde (2012) Xstatic Tics feat.Saskia de Jong & Ensemble Gending:

- X: Michele Metail 2013

- The Ethiopean Son (2014) Featuring Martin Gambarotta. Radioplay and live performance with L Simonis and M gambarotta

Fieldworks and Docufiction

- Perverse Animals: Dublin 2013/2014: a docufiction radioplay in 6 parts  by H Bakker and L Simonis

- Perverse Animals: Tbilisi 2014/2015 A seven part radioplay and docufiction by H Bakker, L Simonis


Radioplays compositions and cd releases

HEK: Blood Electric- Radioplay WORMHorspil #1 (2007)

blood electric
HEK: Ghosts - Radioplay WORMHorspil #15 (2008)

HEK: De Hartman Roede - WORMHorspil #20 (2010)

de hartman roede
Xtatic Tics - Ruunwoet - WORMHorspil #24 (2010)

Xtatic Tics - The Fatalistic Flatworm - WORMHorspil #27 (2010)
Xtatic Tics - This is not a radioplay (2011)
Xtatic Tics – Boatshoes (2011)

Filmworks :

My Long Distance Friend – C. Molier (2011)



Film : The Sound We See - Xtatic Tics Feat Nina Hitz (2012)

thesoundwesee thesoundwesee2

Live Radioplays for Poetry International: To be released on cd in 2012/13

- Garden Sensibilties (2010) - Xstatic Tics feat.Ursula Andkjaer Olsen : 

Ursula-Andkjaer-Olsen-150x150 Gardensensibilities-150x150
- New York Revolution Plan/New York Counter Revolution Plan (2011) Xstatic Tics feat.Yan Yun : 

19323 bgr YanYun 220x500 Newyorkrevolutionaryplan Kaoru-Iwamura-150x150

- Geheimhouding van het gepasseerde (2012) Xstatic Tics feat.Saskia de Jong & Ensemble Gending:

Saskia de Jong 2  Sanne Peper     geheimhouding3    geheimhouding2

Dance Works

Working with T.R.A.S.H, modern dance/theatre company from Tilburg,
between 2005 and 2010: Pork in Loop &


pork 2 Zofia

Working with Guilherme Miotto (Bodies Anonymous); Unpunished (2012/2013),

unpunished---poster unpunished---publicity-picture

Myth Again (2012,2013): studies in performance, with Guilherme Miotto

myth-again002c-research-clips 00018

Theatre Works (between 1997 and 2006)
In collaboration with director Carina Molier realised several multimedia dynamic theatre installations/plays, by means of compositions, and interactive soundscapes (performed live)
-Chelsea Girl 1997), met oa Juda Goslinga, Katenka Woudenberg

ChelseaGirl 1

Chelsea Girl 2


Zuid Zuid West (1999),

Zuid Zuid WestZuid Zuid West 2


Big Boy (1999) (NesTheaters),


Ruigoord De Geboorte (2000) en Ruigoord II (2001)- (Toneelgroep Amsterdam), met o.a Joop Admiraal en GJ Reijnders

badkamer.thumbnail clifford-met-ari.thumbnail Ruigoord 1 versteegh-ea.thumbnail


Queen and King (2002) (Paradiso/Melkweg Prod.) met Lotte Proot



Huis van de Toekomst (2006) (Toneelgroep Amsterdam) met Halina Reijn

HuisVd Toekomst1 Huis vd Toekomst 2

Other plays:
-Terminus by Caren Klaes (2002) (Toneel Akademie Maastricht)
-Abelard en Heloise by Eric-Ward Geerlings and Lucas Simonis - (and the institute of affordable madness) (1998)



Recyclopedia b – F. Friederich 1996/2000

De arte venandi - estos no son pagagos

Recyclopedia C – F. Friederich 1996/2000

c thumb
Ambush - Dull Schicksal 1997

Recyclopedia D – F. Friederich 1996/2000

d thumb
Recyc;lopedia E – F. Friederich 1996/2000

Recyclopedia G – F. Friederich 1996/2000

g thumb
Drone joke yeah - donkey hare joe

Hard disko 1 – (Recyclops)Recyclops 1996/2000
Dikke mannen - Dull Schicksal 1834


Death dance of principals - Paul Termos 1997

deathdance of principles
Kraakgeluiden – samplercd 2003
Industrieel Erfgoed- Ketacore 003 2009

RadioWORM - 150 CD issues (between 1999/2012 WORM rec)

Hark Too - the remake of one (2008)

worm hark too back1-520x338

Static Tics: My favorite tics Z6333666 (2011)

Subterraneanact: Subterraneanact Z6399699 (2012)



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An ongoing long term project involving the production of RadioWORM- 150 cd releases issues, numerous radioplays, documentarys and extended radio happenings, over more than a decade supplying monthly programs to several international and free radiostations and manifestations like SAIT, DEAF, De Concertzender, Radio Resonance London, RebootFM Berlin, Radioswap in Brussel, WFMU en de NPS. Attended various radiofora in Amsterdam, Berlijn.
Curator for WFMU (2012)
Co Producer of radioworks such as Magnet Band Untergrund (2008), Grindpad naar Las Palmas (2001), WORM T Schippers (2008)


Overview of various other projects between 1992 and 2012

Chamber musics: modern composed, live improvised, hybrid forms

-Duoprogram with fluteplayer and innovator Anne Laberge, solo's en duo's with live elektroniks. (1997/98)
-Trio NU; modern compositions for flute, bassclarinet and piano with Pauline Post and Raymond Honing(1990/1993)
-Projectes with poet/performer Cor Gout
-Co-Producer of parts of the Recyclops project With Frans Friederich and Robert Kroos(disko B) (1996/2000)
-Trio Aim: improvisations with Arend Niks en Wilbert de Joode (1995/1996)
-Paul Termos Dubbel Express, (new Dutch swing) - (1996/1997)
-Bassclarinet Culture Soloprogram; (compositions, improvisations en soundsculptures) 1992/1994
-Duo Friederich/Bakker (techno,ambient,jungle,1992/1994) -
-Co-producer en participator of Recyclopedia(D) - jaren 90 plunderphonics
-Gates (project by Gerard van Dongen with Ann laBerge, Peter van Bergen - compositions and improvisations with interactif elektroniks), (2003/2004)
-Project with artist William van Engelen (grafcal improvisations).
-Elektronik Quartet TEC 97 with Huib Emmer, Artur Sauer and Frans Friederich
- Gerard van Dongen 5tet (akkoestical improvisation and compositions) - (2003)
- Project met Bart van Dongen (elektro-akkoestical improvisation) (2004
- Dull Schicksal and Dull Schicksal Extended (1996,1997, 1998)
- Workshops for and with the Rotterdam Improvisation Poel (1992/1994)

Various electronical studio projects

- Heimseh; bassclarinet and electroniks: excercizes in techno with composer Huib Emmer (2007/2012)
- Henry and Joe; flowing, alternating and processing in digital realm; (with Johan de Koeyer, aka Donkey Hare Joe)
- Static Tics/ Xstatic Tics; with L Simonis (digital rock improv, soundscapes and cut up sampling) (2000 onwards)
- Hek, drBadvibes/hekvibes: solo productions with digital tools and elektro-accoustical improvisations, radiojingles
- Subterraneanact: duo project with Malorix: elektro-accoustical musics; combination drums and bassclarinet and elctronics (2005 onwards)

Part of the studio B