Overview of various other projects between 1992 and 2012

Chamber musics: modern composed, live improvised, hybrid forms

-Duoprogram with fluteplayer and innovator Anne Laberge, solo’s en duo’s with live elektroniks. (1997/98)
-Trio NU; modern compositions for flute, bassclarinet and piano with Pauline Post and Raymond Honing(1990/1993)
-Projectes with poet/performer Cor Gout
-Co-Producer of parts of the Recyclops project With Frans Friederich and Robert Kroos(disko B) (1996/2000)
-Trio Aim: improvisations with Arend Niks en Wilbert de Joode (1995/1996)
-Paul Termos Dubbel Express, (new Dutch swing) – (1996/1997)
-Bassclarinet Culture Soloprogram; (compositions, improvisations en soundsculptures) 1992/1994
-Duo Friederich/Bakker (techno,ambient,jungle,1992/1994) –
-Co-producer en participator of Recyclopedia(D) – jaren 90 plunderphonics
-Gates (project by Gerard van Dongen with Ann laBerge, Peter van Bergen – compositions and improvisations with interactif elektroniks), (2003/2004)
-Project with artist William van Engelen (grafcal improvisations).
-Elektronik Quartet TEC 97 with Huib Emmer, Artur Sauer and Frans Friederich
– Gerard van Dongen 5tet (akkoestical improvisation and compositions) – (2003)
– Project met Bart van Dongen (elektro-akkoestical improvisation) (2004
– Dull Schicksal and Dull Schicksal Extended (1996,1997, 1998)
– Workshops for and with the Rotterdam Improvisation Poel (1992/1994)

Various electronical studio projects

– Heimseh; bassclarinet and electroniks: excercizes in techno with composer Huib Emmer (2007/2012)
– Henry and Joe; flowing, alternating and processing in digital realm; (with Johan de Koeyer, aka Donkey Hare Joe)
– Static Tics/ Xstatic Tics; with L Simonis (digital rock improv, soundscapes and cut up sampling) (2000 onwards)
– Hek, drBadvibes/hekvibes: solo productions with digital tools and elektro-accoustical improvisations, radiojingles
– Subterraneanact: duo project with Malorix: elektro-accoustical musics; combination drums and bassclarinet and elctronics (2005 onwards)

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